Stacy in Octodad!

Octodad was released for PC/Mac/Linux January 30th! If for some crazy reason you don’t plan on playing it, here’s a walkthrough video featuring Stacy (me as my inner 6 year old) and her octopus father, scampering through the Deep Sea exhibit at the aquarium. But don’t watch it if you plan on playing the game! It will give you spoilers!

I’ve played Octodad in co-op mode with my husband, and I’m happy to say that we had fun AND we didn’t maim each other in frustration. Success!


I’m every female in Octodad, with the exception of Scarlet (Octodad’s wife). You can hear me as the aquarium lady over the PA system in The World of Kelp exhibit. And also as every lady Octodad slams into while swaying in the aquarium lobby, whoo boy.