Mass Effect: Andromeda

As was announced this past N7 Day, I’m humbled to say I’m the voice of Sara Ryder (no H because Hs are ew) for Mass Effect: Andromeda. This is no small announcement. The pressure to deliver on a role with a fandom of Mass Effect’s size and passion is astronomical. (This is my website, I’ll make the puns when I bloody well feel like it thank you very much.)

BioWare was kind enough to have me perform in the above EA Play 2016 trailer, as well as in French and German at 1:37.

I’m not at liberty to discuss the project, though I’m always happy to chat and play with fans on Twitter. Thank you for welcoming me to our new adventure in Andromeda! See you out there, Pathfinder.

Scott and Sara Ryder are featured as variant covers for the December 2016 issue of Game Informer. Some info regarding purchasing this issue sent to me by Game Informer: “If you are in the US, you can pick one up at any local Game Stop location. You can also contact us to purchase one from us directly. Issues are $7.95 each.”