How to Become a Voice Actor

The short answer: Do improv regularly and move to Los Angeles.

The longer answer:

++Pro Tips by Me++

My Pro Tips Blog

++People to Learn From++

Richard Horvitz

Nancy Wolfson

Melissa Cross

Crispin Freeman

Voices Voicecasting

Garden of Sound

Mick Wingert

UCB Improv

Dialect Coaches

Dialect 411

Dialects Archive

Demos That Rock

++Care and Maintenance++

Melissa Cross

Yelling Preparation and Recovery

Vocal Straw Exercise

Jug Bubbles

Jug Bubbles for Higher Notes

food grade silicone tubing for jug bubbles

Detecting Vocal Injury

++Where to Get Experience++

Voice Casting Hub


++Things to Know++

Voice Over Resource Guide

Taft-Hartley Act

How to Join SAG via Taft-Hartley

Financial Core

How to go Financial Core with SAG-AFTRA

Everything You Wanted To Know About Fi-Core But Were Afraid To Ask

++Words to Read++

Interview I did for Tom Taylorson’s VO class

4 Things You Need To Accept During the Audition

I Want To Be A Voice Actor!

Erin Fitzgerald

Inside a Video Game Voiceover Studio

7 LA Voiceover Agencies for the Mid-Career Actor

Talking While Female

Randy Coppinger

Juan Bagnell

Voice Over Voice Actor: What It’s Like Behind the Mic

The Art of Voice Acting

The Art of Asking

The Confidence Gap

Mark Hamill gave Arnold Schwarzenegger the worst career advice ever

How Ben Schwartz Hustled His Way Into An Acting and Writing Career

Why No One Likes your Art (or acting, or music, or writing): 26 Reasons

Martha Graham on the Hidden Danger of Comparing Yourself to Others

Robert Eggers on how to become successful in entertainment

How do you get in?

oh Lorde, deliver me from Fucking Joan

Behind The Voice Actors

Stars Getting Rich Off Fan Conventions

Make Some Noise! Getting a Job Creating Sound and Music for Videogames

++Interviews to Listen to++

The Voice Behind

VO Buzz Weekly

Heather Dame (Fryda’s agent) on VO Buzz Weekly, part 1

Heather Dame (Fryda’s agent) on VO Buzz Weekly, part 2

Matt Mercer at Ayacon

How the Narrator of ‘Jane the Virgin’ Found His Voice

Why American Actors Suck at British Accents

Spend a day in the studio with Double Fine

Embrace Your Quirks

Try To Fail

Getting a Job From a Terrible Audition

How to Bring Your Own Personality to Auditions

Bryan Cranston, “I was going into auditions trying to get a job.”

Never play to the gallery

How to Deal With Rejection in Acting

What Keeps Creative People From Creating

Give Yourself Permission To Be Creative

“I can do anything,” with @SomeAudioGuy Juan Bagnell

How to Impress a Showrunner

How to Be a Good Scene Partner

The Most Important Element of an Audition

Diamanda Galas

Why Being Pretentious Is Okay

How to find a career you love

Harlan Ellison, “Pay the writer.”

The Vocal Coach of Screaming

Melissa Cross Vice special

How to Scream Like a Rocker

Liz Himelstein on The Frame

A Tour of US Accents (part 1)

I Know That Voice

Mental Training on Confidence

Maynard James Keenan: The Art of Work

Phoebe Bridgers “You are the boss.”

Interview with Randy Coppinger on

Jason Momoa giving some lovely, raw and honest narration.

Why we all need subtitles now

Wonderland: A Short Form Doc on Creative Commerce

That’s what the money is for!

Tori Amos “Course on Creativity”

++How to Get Set Up at Home++

Using moving blankets to create a makeshift VO booth

Put foam panels on the walls, it makes a huge difference. I recommend using T-pins to hang them, not adhesive.

If you can afford to buy foam, buy a set from an audio retailer. Any old foam not for intended for acoustic treatment can create weird reverb!

How to Control Sound Reflections in a Voice Over Recording Studio

Recording vocals – a good setup, basic acoustics and accessories

The Secrets of Bass Trap Placement

Home Studio Foam for Your Home Recording Studio

Producing Professional Voice Overs At Home

Voice Processing – Extreme EQ with Randy Coppinger

How to use a shotgun microphone for VO

++Vocal Booths++


++Software So That Clients Can Direct You++

Skype phone number

Source-Connect Standard

++Gear to Buy++


++Software to Edit With++




Sound Forge

Pro Tools

++How to Get Better At It++