Mexsplaining Myself

-LA Times

My mother was an immigrant to America, born in Mexico City. My father was a white American born in the United States. I identify as Mexican and American, retaining both nationalities and cultures. I was raised equally in both countries and languages. I spent every summer as a child up until my tweens in Mexico City, and visited family and vacationed all over central Mexico. I went to school in Mexico City for 5th and 6th grade.

I was asked if I consider myself to be BIPOC, which stands for Black Indigenous Person of Color. While I have indigenous ancestry (a whopping 17% total from the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, and Cuba, thanks DNA testing), in no way do I count as a person of color. I am white passing, thus I have white privilege, and do not endure the inherent systemic discrimination against people who are not white passing. Morally it is my responsibility as a white passing person to make space for people of color whenever possible.

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Financial Core

Disclaimer: As I am not an accredited therapist or licensed medical doctor, I am not in any way telling you what to do with your life. I will only describe my personal experience as a financial core voice actor.

“Financial core,” or “fi-core,” is based on a Supreme Court decision that affects all labor unions in the United States. By legal definition, being fi-core is to be “a dues paying non-member.”

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