I will record exclusively from home until I’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19 (since no quick turnaround testing, tracing, or isolating policies exist in the US). There is no legitimate way to “properly sterilize” a recording studio when VO recording requires mask removal and central air conditioning has been proven to circulate infectious droplets. Entering a room after an infected person’s singing or yelling exposes you to enough viral particles to establish an infection. An actor entering a recording booth or room after an infected person has just finished a session will likely result in the transmission of COVID-19. A studio cannot “sterilize the air“ solely via filtration. “The virus has been shown to remain stable in airborne particles for longer than 2 hours.” “One minute of talking loudly can produce more than 1,000 virus-containing droplets that could linger in the air for more than eight minutes.” Insisting voice actors go in to a studio needlessly puts their lives and the lives of the studio staff at risk. Contracting symptomatic long-haul COVID would in fact be career-ending to a voice actor, as long-term effects include fatigue, brain fog, permanent lung damage and shortness of breath. In the case of singer Maynard James Keenan for example, a painful recurring cough. Asymptomatic carriers will never “feel sick” so they will continue to go to work and infect othersPresymptomatic infected are contagious up to 3 days prior to exhibiting any symptoms. From the point of infection it can take up to 14 days before symptoms occur. “Feeling healthy” does not protect you and those around you. Do your part to stop the spread. My statements have been vetted by epidemiologists Dr. David Fisman of the University of Toronto and Dr. Michael Bazaco of the FDA.

I provide studio quality recording from home in a 4×6 VocalBooth: Double walled, double ceiling, raised subfloor. TLM 103 mic, Focusrite ISA preamp. I record at 48 khz 24 bit. Source-Connect and Skype phone number for direct patch. Home booth clients include IBM, SundanceTV, National Geographic, HGTV, Lifetime, NickelodeonDreamWorks, NBC, ESPN, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! Click here for shipped home booth bookings.

Performance capture and ADR experienced. Singer. Fluent Mexican Spanish, partly raised in Mexico City. Financial core (eligible for both union and non-union projects). Based in Los Angeles.

To BIPOC or not to BIPOC?

My mother was an immigrant to America, born in Mexico City. My father was a white American born in the United States. I identify as Mexican and American, retaining both nationalities and cultures. I was raised equally in both countries and languages. I spent every summer as a child up until my tweens in Mexico City, and visited family and vacationed all over central Mexico. I went to school in Mexico City for 5th and 6th grade.

I was asked if I consider myself to be BIPOC, which stands for Black Indigenous Person of Color. While I have indigenous ancestry (a whopping 15%, thanks DNA testing), in no way do I count as a person of color. I am white passing, thus I have white privilege, and do not endure the inherent systemic discrimination against people who are not white passing. Morally it is my responsibility as a white passing person to make space for people of color whenever possible.

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