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Fryda Wolff, a voice actor who has appeared in games such as Apex Legends, told Motherboard ‘game developers, animation studios, and perhaps even commercial clients could get away with squeezing more performances out of me through feeding my voice to AI, using these generated performances, and then never compensating me for use of my ‘likeness’, never mind informing my agency that this was done.’

Mati Staniszewski, co-founder of ElevenLabs, told Motherboard in an email that the company sees a future in which AI companies and voice actors partner together. ‘Voice actors will no longer be limited by the number of recording sessions they can attend and instead they will be able to license their voices for use in any number of projects simultaneously, securing additional revenue and royalty streams. This potential was already recognized by voice actors themselves, a few dozen of whom contacted us declaring interest in such partnerships,’ Staniszewski.

In response to ElevenLabs’ statement, Wolff said ‘actors don’t want the ability to license or ‘secure additional revenue streams,’ that nonsense jargon gives away the game that ElevenLabs have no idea how voice actors make their living.’ Wolff added, ‘we can just ask musicians how well they’ve been doing since streaming platforms licensing killed ‘additional revenue and royalty streams’ for music artists. ElevenLabs’ verbiage is darkly funny.’

‘Disrespectful to the Craft:’ Actors Say They’re Being Asked to Sign Away Their Voice to AI

I spoke with Joseph Cox of Motherboard for Vice about my concerns in regards to AI and AI software companies taking advantage of and abusing voice actors, particularly without our consent.

Solar Ash Reviews

Some positive reviews for my performance in Solar Ash. Thank you!

You will also encounter a character known as Echo after each boss fight. She plays an important role in progressing the story, but that is as far as we will go to avoid spoilers. But we have no problem saying that Fryda Wolff’s performances as Echo and Rei are fantastic. Playing two different and highly important characters is no easy task, and she pulled it off flawlessly.

Omar Banat for Twinfinite

Rei is a phenomenal character, full of charm and wit and a deep emotional well that is brought to life with skill by her voice actress, Fryda Wolff. Rei is the player’s vehicle through the journey that is Solar Ash, but she is anything but a silent protagonist. Her characterization and gradual development over the course of the game are some of Solar Ash’s best elements.

The world is brought to life even more by the voice actors who got to play in it, and they each pull off a remarkable job of breathing life into their characters and the environment they inhabit. Fryda Wolff is the voice of Rei, and she turns in what I would consider to be a career-defining performance with this game.

Wolff incorporates these subtle inflections to her delivery of Rei’s lines that establish her personality and views on life. She also recorded several lines of Rei shouting and laughing with delight as she makes her way around the world, and these noises are a charming bit of character building that endeared Rei to me even more.

Hayden Epstein for GameTyrant

The Escapist, Thief of Thieves “Second Look” Review

The cast are all brilliant, with Skybound sparing no expense for Hollywood talent like Debra Wilson, Elias Toufexis, and Stephen Stanton — though it’s fair to say Fryda Wolff steals the show as Celia. Wolff already showed considerable chops in Mass Effect: Andromeda as the adorkable Sara Ryder, but Celia really flexes her range. The result is an adventure heroine who can stand proudly alongside the likes of Dave Fennoy’s Lee Everett.

Elijah Beahm for The Escapist

This is a flattering excerpt regarding my contribution to Thief of Thieves, from The Escapist’s retrospective “Second Look” review.

Word of the Nerd Jessica Jones Review


Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 13 was narrated by Fryda Wolff, as with the rest of the series so far. I honestly think that this series would not have been the same without her. She really does bring Jess’ story to life—as well as the characters who find themselves revolving around her.

It’s worth noting that there are several characters with lines in this episode, all conversing with one another. Wolff kept up with all of that while keeping the characters distinct. In fact, it was a lot of fun listening to them all interact in such a way.

My favorite part of the audio for this week has to be how much emotion she was able to infuse into her voice. Sam’s confusion, Jessica’s complex cocktail of emotions she was going through. All of it. It really brought the scenes to life.

-Cat Wyatt at Word of the Nerd