Giving Voice to ‘Just Cause 4’s’ Villainous Gabriela Morales

Morales, seen today in a new “Just Cause 4” trailer from Avalanche, is a 6-foot-4 beast of a woman, according to Fryda Wolff (“Mass Effect: Andromeda,” “Quake Champions”) who voices the character in the game.

“She’s calm, collected, and in control,” Wolff said. “She doesn’t get hysterical because she’s strategizing damage control at all times, there’s no damsel in distress in her. She’s the boss of the Black Hand and no one questions her authority as she looms over her personal army.” –

You can read an interview I gave regarding Gabriela in Just Cause 4 over at Variety!

Just Cause 4 – Gabriela

You can hear me as Gabriela in Just Cause 4! You can hear me in the Rico’s Rival and Black Hand trailers, and watch me discuss my contribution to the game in this livestream segment from the Square Enix booth at E3. For Gabriela, I was recorded via performance capture as well as some studio recording.