I require the following conditions for in-person studio recording:

All persons present in the building, with the exception of myself while recording, must at all times wear an n95 or kn95 respirator mask with a tight fit over the bridge of the nose. Loose-fitting surgical masks or cloth masks are not acceptable.

All talent who have entered the building that day must present a negative rapid test, taken just prior to the time they entered the building on the session date.

The studio must have HEPA filtration inside the recording booth.

If all of these terms cannot be met, I will record remotely. I provide studio quality recording in a 4×6 VocalBooth: Double walled, double ceiling, raised subfloor. TLM 103 microphone, Focusrite ISA preamp, RME Babyface Pro interface. I record at 48 khz 24 bit. Source-Connect Standard. Home booth clients include McDonald’s, IBM, SundanceTV, National Geographic, HGTV, Lifetime, Nickelodeon, DisneyDreamWorks, NBC, ESPN, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! Click here for shipped home booth bookings.

Performance capture and ADR experienced. Singer. Fluent Mexican Spanish, partly raised in Mexico City. Financial core (eligible for both union and non-union projects). Based in Los Angeles.