Bringing Lylla to Life

Nicole Martinez, Lead Designer for Episode 2 of Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy, published a very kind blog about writing for Lylla the otter:

Now, a talking otter in a videogame could very easily come across as too cartoon-y. We had to pay special attention to that while writing her, but a lot of what worked so well with Lylla was due to the amazing performance of Fryda Wolff. She made Lylla charming, funny, cute, and strong-willed in the best ways. There’s a moment when making these games where you finally get the voice and the art all together and see a character come to life for the first time. I was so blown away. I’d seen Lylla’s concept art with her sad little stitches, but seeing her move and hearing Fryda’s voice was a whole different experience. She made her feel so human and the ending that much harder to play.